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Popo appears as the main character in the story "The Thing Without a Name."

Popo is a local carpenter who, the narrator says, never seems to finish anything. He even only half-builds a galvanized iron workshop for his business. Yet, the narrator says that he can always hear him banging and sawing away. He will often appear in town with sawdust clinging to his "kinky hair." If he asks him what he is making, Popo always says he is making the thing without a name

The narrator calls Popo a poetic man and enjoys talking to him on serious subjects. Unfortunately, the other people on the street think he is conceited and a show-off. In the mornings Popo, likes to buy some rum, sit on the pavement, dip in fingers into the drink, lick them, and wave to people as they walk past.

He only enjoys some degree of popularity after his wife leaves him. People start to feel sorry for him, and the men in the town visit him at his workshop to drink rum and talk sports. As the narrator says, they seem to like him better when he is miserable.

One day, Popo disappears, and no one hears of him until an article appears in the newspaper saying that he has beaten up the man who had run away with his wife.

Popo's wife returns, and Popo, happy once more, again becomes the target of people's jealousy.

At the end of the story, the narrator reveals that Popo has been caught stealing furniture. He returns from prison a bitter and angry man.

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