Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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Who is Old Major in Animal Farm?

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Old Major is the "prize Middle White boar" who had a strange dream about which he wanted to tell his fellow farm animals.

His real name is really Willingdon Beauty, but he goes by Old Major. He is quite "highly regarded," and so everyone is willing to come and listen after their daily chores are done. He has a "wise and benevolent appearance," and he calls the others "comrades," a word very much associated with Communism and the dream of equality. He describes the "hunger and overwork" that the animals endure under the leadership of Mr. Jones, the farmer, and his family, and he argues that the humans are the only creatures that consume without producing. Why then, Old Major asks, should humans rule over the animals? He points out how every group of animals on the farm contributes by producing something. Old Major convinces the animals that "All animals are equal" and that humans are the enemy, and he inspires the animals to plan a rebellion, throwing them "into the wildest excitement"...

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