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The Best of Sherlock Holmes

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Who is Mr. Hosmer Angel in "A Case of Identity"? Give some basic information about him.  

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Hosmer Angel is actually a fictitious identity, taken on by Mr. Windibank, for the purpose of deceiving his stepdaughter, Mary Sutherland, as found in the Sherlock Holmes short story, "A Case of Identity."

Miss Sutherland claims to have met Mr. Angel at a ball. She describes him as "a very shy man . . . Very retiring and gentlemanly," with thick glasses and a soft-spoken voice. Eventually, he proposes marriage and makes her swear to be faithful to him. He would later disappear during the day of the wedding and not be seen since.

As has already been said, Hosmer Angel is actually her stepfather in disguise, acting out of a desire to prevent his stepdaughter from being married. So long as Mary remained unmarried, he would still have access to her income. For that reason, he takes on this false identity.

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