Who is most sympathetic in "Home Burial," the husband or Amy? Defend your position using evidence from the poem.

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The poem "Home Burial" by Robert Frost is about a husband and wife whose son has died and has recently been buried in a family plot next to their house. Their conversation takes place on a stairway. The husband first accosts his wife, who is at the top of the stairs, and asks her what she is looking at. When he comes to see, he realizes that she has been observing the grave from a window. He sits on the stairs and she descends, threatening to leave the house, saying, "I must get out of here. I must get air." The husband tries to console her so she won't go.

Both characters are sympathetic; however, they have different ways of coping with their grief and their ongoing lives. The husband is obviously more pragmatic. He misses his son, but he...

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