Bridge to Terabithia Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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Who is May Belle?

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May Belle Aarons is Jess Aaron's little sister. May Belle is also the only sibling that Jess tolerates. She is six years old and does not have any close friends. Additionally, she is young enough that she can't interact much with her older sisters. Consequently, she tags along with Jess quite a bit, and he isn't a complete jerk to her; therefore, we are told, May Belle practically worships Jess.

There are times when Jess doesn't appreciate May Belle's presence, and we see this in how protective he is with Terabithia. He tries to sneak off to Terabithia without her knowledge, but she manages to sneakily follow him. Jess is mortified to find out that she knows about Terabithia and what he and Leslie do there.

After Leslie dies, May Belle becomes of critical importance to Jess's healing process, because she is very intentional is intentional about making sure that Jess isn't alone and knows that he is loved:

I just wanted to find you, so you wouldn't be so lonesome.

This act of love further deepens their relationship, and May Belle helps Jess see that he can return to Terabithia even without Leslie. At the end of the book, readers see that Jess builds a better way to access the magical kingdom so that he and May Belle can continue being rulers of Terabithia.

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