Who is Magdalena in The House of Bernarda Alba?

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Lorca's tragic play La Casa de Bernarda Alba tells the tragic, fictional story of the five daughters of the titular character, Bernarda. Bernarda puts her daughters (the oldest of whom is the daughter of Bernarda's first husband, who, according to the text, seems to be endowed with an inheritance that separates her in status from her sisters) on house arrest on the occasion of the death of the father to all but one of them (the oldest, Angustias). The thirty-year-old Magdalena is the second-oldest daughter, and the oldest of the daughters of the recently deceased. Of the sisters, Magdalena is the most resigned to her fate.

The play's plot centers around these women's various relations with Pepe el Romano, the primary male protagonist (who, consequentially, never appears on stage). The oldest daughter, Angustias, is engaged to be married to him. The youngest, Adela, is suspected of having a secret affair with him, while Amelia and Martirio at one time or another have loved him in secret....

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