Who is Lochinvar in Marmion?

Lochinvar in Marmion is a brave young knight described as "faithful in love" and "dauntless in war." He shows up at the bridal feast of his beloved Ellen and dances with her out through the hall door. They then ride off together on his horse.

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Lochinvar is an heroic young knight from “out of the west” who has the finest horse “Through all the wide Border.” Compared to most knights, he isn't particularly well-armed. All he carries with him by way of weaponry is his trusty broadsword. Overall, the dashing young Lochinvar is a faithful lover and a brave warrior.

Lochinvar's beloved is a beautiful young damsel by the name of Ellen. Unfortunately, she is due to marry someone else, as her father turned down Lochinvar's suit. But this doesn't prevent Lochinvar from turning up at Netherby Hall, where Ellen's bridal feast is being held.

Once he has arrived at the celebration, he boldly announces that he wishes to drink a cup of wine with Ellen and dance with her. As Lochinvar and Ellen take to the dance floor, Ellen's mother is fretful and her father is angry. The handsome young Lochinvar is cutting an impressive figure as he dances with his beloved. Little wonder, then, that Ellen's bridesmaids start whispering that it would have been better for their cousin to be with Lochinvar.

The bridesmaids soon get their wish as Lochinvar dances Ellen out the hall door before quickly whisking her onto his horse. The two then ride away, with members of various local clans in hot pursuit. But they will never see the “lost bride of Netherby” ever again, all thanks to the gallant young Lochinvar, who can now be with his true love once more.

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