Who is Laura in "On the Sidewalk Bleeding"? Why is she important to Andy?

In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," Laura is Andy's girlfriend. She's important to him because he wants to marry her someday. This would appear to suggest that Andy wanted to leave behind the gang life one day and settle down.

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Andy and Laura are boyfriend and girlfriend. Although he's still only a young man, it's clear that Andy loves Laura very much. As he lays dying in the alleyway, he can think of little else but her. He loves Laura, yearns to kiss her, thinks about marrying her someday.

Even allowing for the fact that Andy's fast losing his grip on life, there's no reason to doubt the sincerity of his feelings towards Laura. His thinking of marrying her someday is particularly telling in this regard. Marriage implies commitment, something quite unusual for a young man of Andy's age.

Laura is not just important to Andy because of who she is but also because of what she represents. And what she represents is an opportunity for Andy to put the gang life behind him and settle down into a life of bliss. This is all pure conjecture of course, but it's difficult to imagine Andy still running around with the Royals while being married to Laura, or anyone else for that matter.

Tragically, Andy will never get a chance to marry the girl he loves. Brutally stabbed in a gang attack, he will soon be dead.

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