Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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Who is Janet Fisk?

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Janet Fisk is Nick's friend and classmate. She first appears on page 4. Mrs. Avery blames her for the "peep" noises that Nick is making, suggesting that Janet has been a source of trouble in the past. Later, when Nick walks up to Janet to apologize for getting her into trouble, we learn that Janet lives in Nick's neighborhood and "was better at soccer than most of the kids in the whole school, boys or girls."

Nick explains how he was trying to sound like a blackbird, and Janet shows him that she can make an even squeakier sound than his,

For the rest of the fourth grade year, at least once a week, Mrs. Avery heard a loud "peeeep" from somewhere in her class—sometimes it was a high-pitched chirp, and sometimes it was a very high-pitched chirp.

Janet is also the friend who finds the pen that Nick decides to call Frindle. The two of them then go around shops asking for frindles. Later, the word "frindle" becomes a popular word at school among the students.

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