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Dread Nation is a 2018 fictional young adult horror novel written by American writer Justina Ireland. It tells the story of a young black girl named Jane McKeene, who is born just two days before zombies rise from their graves and change the course of the Civil War, which now turns into a fight between the living and the dead.

Jackson Keats (a.k.a "Red Jack") might be described as Jane's past fling; however, she insists that what they did and do with each other should not be branded as romantic. Despite her claims, she still cares about him and maybe even sees him as a dear friend, if not a romantic interest. She does not like the fact that he always meddles in everyone's business and, more often than not, does some questionable things. Jackson, on the other hand, rather likes Jane and asks her to help him find his younger sister Lily, who has disappeared along with the Spencers—the white family with whom she lives.

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