Who is Iona's first fare, and how does he react to Iona's attempt at communication in "Misery"?

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Iona's first fare of the night comes from a man in a military overcoat who looks to be an officer, though his hood is pulled over his face. He is very short with Iona, demanding to know if Iona's asleep when he doesn't get a response as quickly as he hopes to. This man seems more preoccupied with Iona's driving than with anything that Iona is trying to communicate. He politely asks how Iona's son died when he hears the news, but when Iona turns around to look at the officer while talking, the officer again becomes concerned about Iona's driving and changes the subject to shout about it. When Iona looks back later to try to resume the conversation again, the officer has his eyes closed so Iona doesn't try to talk.

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