No-No Boy Questions and Answers
by John Okada

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Who is Ichiro, and what is his experience of racism in post-war American society? In what specific ways did the war and the internment affect the Japanese-American community?

Ichiro is a Japanese-American man that has just been released from prison, after two years in a Japanese internment camp for refusing the WWII draft. After re-entering society, he has to learn to navigate his world as a "no-no boy."

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Ichiro is a 25-year-old young man that, after his release from prison, is struggling to come to terms with the decision he has made regarding being drafted in the war. Some things to consider would be his feelings surrounding his decision to refuse the draft and how this relates to the racism he experiences, including not only the way he is viewed by others but also the way he thinks he should be viewed.

There are a few instances where Ichiro faces antagonism once he returns home. However, there are quite a few...

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