Who is Frank Lubey in All My Sons?

In All My Sons, Frank Lubey is a friend of the Keller family. He has been working on Larry's horoscope, which indicates that he is still alive.

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Frank Lubey is a friend of the Keller family. He is a fortunate and kind man who believes in luck. At the time of the play's setting, Frank is thirty-two years old. This makes him one year too old to have been drafted during the war. Since Frank's luck is tied to the timing of his birth, he sees a value in the reading of horoscopes. Instead of going off to fight, Frank stayed home, where he began courting, and eventually married, Lydia, George's former love interest. He has a good job, children, and a nice house, and like the Kellers, he is living what appears to be the American dream.

Like Kate, Frank is a superstitious man. In fact, he has been working on a horoscope for Larry, Kate and Joe's missing son. He arrives with this horoscope at a tense moment when George is confronting Joe about the faulty plane parts, sharing the news that Larry's horoscope indicates that he is still alive. This only fuels Kate's false hopes and makes it harder for her to accept the truth that her son is gone forever. Although he means well, Frank's involvement only complicates matters more for the other characters in this play.

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