Who is Emmeline in Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Emmeline is a young slave girl who is bought by the cruel and greedy plantation owner Simon Legree.

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In Harriet Beecher Stowe's popular novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, Emmeline is a young, beautiful Black girl, who grew up in a Christian household. Emmeline and her mother, Susan, are slaves and are kept in a slave warehouse before they are eventually put up for auction to be sold.

Emmeline has an attractive face and lovely curly hair, which her mother tries to straighten in the hopes of making Emmeline appear less pretty and thus, lowering her chances of being bought with the by someone who intents to sexually abuse her. Despite this, however, Emmeline is bought by an evil and power-hungry man named Simon Legree, who apparently intends to use her for sex. Legree owns many slaves that he treats horribly; he overworks them, abuses them physically, and even rapes the female slaves, specifically Cassy. He essentially buys Emmeline to replace Cassy.

It is not revealed whether or not Legree actually rapes Emmeline; in fact, Stowe implies that he might never have gotten the chance to touch her, as he is also incredibly superstitious and has many fears—he especially fears Cassy and her intimidating aura. Cassy and Emmeline actually become close, which is why the reader has a feeling that, by the time they finally escape from Legree, Emmeline has remained untouched.

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