Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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Who is Bean in the book?

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Bean is a friend of Ender Wiggins in Battle School. Bean is a diminutive and younger child with incredible intelligence, later revealed (in a companion book from the Shadow series of novels) to be the most intelligent in all of Battle School. He is assigned to be a part of Ender’s Dragon Army (an army he is revealed to have handpicked to suit Ender’s strengths), which goes undefeated in the school.

Eventually, Bean is among the generals who aids Ender in defeating the Formics, a race of aliens who had previously invaded Earth. He is the sole child who discovers that they are fighting the battle in actuality, while the others, including Ender, all believe it to be a training simulation. He later becomes a powerful and successful general on Earth, and is diagnosed with a manmade form of gigantism that will kill him at a very young age but give him incomparable brilliance as well.

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