Who is Antonio in Much Ado About Nothing?

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Antonio is Leonato's older brother and, consequently, Hero's uncle. Antonio prioritizes his family over just about all else—unlike Don Pedro's brother, Don John, whom Don Pedro has just bested in battle—and Antonio is actually the character who first learns that Don Pedro plans to woo Hero. He tells his brother, Leonato, of Don Pedro's supposed suit, which will be revealed at the masquerade. Antonio encourages Hero to listen to her father and accept Don Pedro's suit, as it will make great honor for herself and her father (again, family first). After Claudio accuses Hero of being a wanton, Antonio tries to support and advise his brother. Antonio even challenges Claudio himself, lending further support to Leonato, and saying that Claudio will have to kill both of them if he goes after one. Once Antonio gets angry about Claudio's treatment of Hero, Leonato has a hard time calming him down. Ultimately, after Dogberry arrests Borachio and Conrad, Don John's henchmen, revealing Don John's plot to frame Hero for wantonness, Leonato and Antonio offer Claudio a supposed daughter of Antonio (who is really just Hero, veiled).

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Antonio is Leonato's brother. Antonio is described in the Dramatis Personae as an old man. He is a minor character, but his relationship to Leonato stands as a model of a good fraternal relationship in contrast to that between Don Pedro and Don John. He is an advisor and confidant to his brother.

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In this play, Antonio is a relatively minor character who is tied in to the major characters.

One of the major characters is Hero, the very wonderful young woman who will be falsely accused of being unfaithful to her fiance.  Antonio is her uncle.  He is the brother of her father, Leonato, who is the governor of Messina on Sicily.

Antonio is very close to his brother and very loyal to him.  This is a big contrast with the relationship between Don John and his brother Don Pedro.  Antonio gives his brother information he needs while Don John goes around trying to figure out ways to hurt his brother.

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