Who is Ann's new boyfriend in All My Sons?

Ann's new boyfriend in All My Sons is Chris Keller, who wants to marry her.

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Ann Deever's new boyfriend in All My Sons is Chris Keller. Chris wants to marry her, which brings her to the Keller home for a visit.

This situation causes ripples in the Keller family, because Ann was Larry's girlfriend before and during World War II. The two had planned to marry. Ann and Chris both know it will be especially difficult for Kate, Mrs. Keller, to accept their engagement, as that will mean she has to accept that Larry died in the war.

Kate Keller sticks stubbornly to the idea that Larry might still be alive. He went missing in action, and his body was never recovered, which to her means that he could still come home. When the apple tree planted to commemorate him is knocked over in a storm, Mrs. Keller insists it is because they planted it too soon.

Mrs. Keller does not want Ann to marry Chris. However, Ann is a strong woman who is rooted in reality, and she stands up to the family matriarch. Ann knows that Larry is dead because he sent her a letter, after he realized his father was responsible for the deaths of the twenty-one pilots, saying that he was going to commit suicide. However, as a thoughtful person, Ann wished to withhold that painful news. In the end, however, it is the only way to persuade the senior Kellers to accept reality.

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