Who is John McNab in the book Maniac McGee?

bnhopkins | Student

Love this book! Just read it a few months ago!

 John McNab is the 12 year old baseball player (pitcher). He is big for his age - 5'8'' tall and 170 pounds! He is known for striking out players of the other team with his fast ball. Maniac hits McNab's pitch and gets a homerun. McNab's group of friends (they call themselves the Cobras) chase Maniac into the East Side as ‘punishment’. The town is divided by Hector Street with whites on one side and blacks on the other. McNab and his family are very prejudice toward black people (as most whites in the town).

Later in the story, Maniac returns John's two little brothers (they ran away) and Maniac actually ends up living with the family. Maniac brings Mars Bars (black) to the McNab household and Maniac has to defend him from the racism. Since Maniac is the hero of the town, this event changes the views between the whites and blacks. 

Hope this helps!


courtypoo111 | Student

I love this book~! Just finished it the other day!!  I am probably the best one to ask because my memory is still fresh!!  Well, John McNab is the baseball player in the book Mniac Magee.  He strikes out everybody until Manic shows up and hits these throws and makes them HOMERUNS!! He also hits this ball, tthat is  frog!  It is a frog that McNab got from he woods!  McNab now hates him, so him and his crew, The Cobra's go and try to find Maniac and hurt him and beat him up!  Then, Maniac is sleeping inthis abandend house in the woods, and McNab sent his little brothers to lure Maniac in so that he can beat him up.  Then, Maniac gets lured in, and McNab is nice to him!  So, Maniac walks into his house to sleep there for the night, and there is poop, cockroaches, peanut butter on the floor, and much more gross stuff in his ouse.  Then, McNab;s dad alks in and starts drinking beer and slamming stuff around and then thge Cobrrss wal in and they start drinking keep in mind they are 12 years old, then his little brothers stary drinking beer keep in mind that they are 6 or 7.  That is who McNab is in the book Maniac Magee!!!!!!!!  You are welcome~~

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