Who Invented The Slinky™?

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The Slinky™ was invented by Philadelphia engineer Richard T. James in the mid-1940s. The Slinky™ is a toy made of a steel or plastic coil that tumbles smoothly down a flight of stairs.

It wasn't James's intention to create a toy. The Slinky™ was actually the result of a failed attempt to produce an antivibration device for ship instruments—something that would absorb the shock of waves. When James accidentally knocked one of his steel spirals off a shelf, he saw it literally crawl, coil by coil, to a lower shelf, onto a stack of books, down to the tabletop, and finally come to rest, upright, on the floor.

James' wife, Betty, saw its potential as a toy and named it "slinky." Betty James, now age 78, still runs James Industries, the company she founded with her husband in 1946 to market the toy Slinky™.

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