Who invented the hair dryer? What was it made of and what is its history?Can you help me figure out what the blow dryer is all about?

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alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The hair dryer first appeared on the market in 1925. From then on, engineers focused on making the device more powerful and less prone to short-circuits or overheating. There is detailed information provided in the link below.

allykat | Student

Theinventer of the first hair dryer was Alexandre  Godefoy from France

It made of

>Electrical motors

>The fan blade

>copper wir

>switching mechanisms


Before hair dryers women usd vacums o dry there hair by attaching a hose to the exaust of the vacum and would dry there ir the first actual hair dryer made was very heavy large and ovr heated.md in 1920 the first hand held dryer to reach the market was 1925 abnd wieged 2 pounds and only reached 100 watts .

josefina14 | Student

Alexandre Godefoy  was the inventor of the electric hair dryer, which was invented in 1890. Well, at the beginning they used a vacuum since air went in the vacuum and hot air cam out. And it is important to history because it has made a change into women drying their hair faster and since the use of a vacuum was large and heavy, they created the hair dryer, and since it was the first time a hair dryer came to history it is more important.

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