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The history of soft drinks extends back to ancient times.  The early Greeks recognized the therapeutic values of bathing the body in mineral waters.  In the late 1700's, both Europeans and Americans recognized the value of drinking mineral water to cure ailments of the digestive system and nerve related disparities.  In 1809, the  first imitation mineral water was created by mixing water with sodium bicarbonate and acid.  In 1850, bottles were stoppered with corks to hold in the carbon dioxide gas, a by-product of the soium bicarbonate and acid.  In 1886, an Atlanta pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton mixed coca with the cola that was mentioned above and produced what would become the world's most famous soft drink, Coca-Cola.  Soft drinks were called "soda pop" because of the trademark "pop" produced when the cork or cap came off, releasing some of the carbon dioxide gas, which was under pressure.

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