Who are internet fraud stake holders and what can they do to turn the tide?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Internet fraud is a rapidly growing threat to the entire world and with more and more devices being connected to internet, stakeholders need to come up with plans to counter this threat. The various stakeholders in internet fraud are law enforcement agencies, internet security agencies, academia, internet service providers, domain registrars, policy makers, researchers and (last but not the least) the victims. Some of the measures these stakeholders can take to protect themselves and turn the tide against fraudsters are:

  • Recognition of threat: what constitutes internet fraud needs to be recognized by all the stakeholders. 
  • Concerted efforts of all the stakeholders are required to protect us against future frauds. Efforts of one or a few stakeholders will not help the situation.
  • Strong, enforceable laws are needed to safeguard against frauds. The laws should be strict enough to be a deterrence against future offenses.
  • Technical measures need to be continually devised and updated to prevent fraud from happening in the first place. Measures like spam protection, antivirus software, etc. can be used. 
  • Education and awareness campaigns for consumers are needed to ensure that they can safeguard themselves against such offenses.
  • Global cooperation: many malicious schemes originate in countries where no relevant exist and whose extradition is also not possible to the country of fraud. A global effort is required to ensure safety against fraud.

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