who are the interlopers? where is the word interloper used in the story?  

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"The Interlopers" involve a long-standing feud between two families over the ownership of a piece of land that stands between the two properties.  Both Georg and Ulrich claim it.  However, a court decision awarded ownership to Ulrich.  When first the tree pins them to the ground, Georg states that Ulrich will be caught in his "stolen" forest; Ulrich replies that Georg will be caught as a "poacher."  The interloper mentioned at this point is the outside force, the court system, that made the decision that Georg does not accept.  For him the court was just a meddler, an interloper, who had no business being involved in the long squabble.  The concensus between the two men is that here they can fight out the issue without interlopers to stop them.  The second instance is at the point that Georg and Ulrich realize that the feud over the land is senseless, serving neither family.  They laugh about the picture of them riding into town together after generations of hatred.  They decide then that the feud ends, they can share use of the land, with no other person, court or citizen allowed to meddle in the affair.  The interlopers of the court, the citizenry and the tradition of the feud will not be there to stop the peace that they create.  Unfortunately, for Georg and Ulrich, the true owners of the forest that night are headed toward the men, the interlopers in their eyes, to sustain the life of the pack with meat. 

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