Who influences Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird????List as many characters as you can

janamiriah | Student

Jem is an influence as her older brother-he teaches her kindness, justice, how to accept people, etc.

Atticus as her father taught her many things. He was a great father and was a quiet man that knew the difference between right and wrong and passed that on to Scout.

Calpurnia influences Scout as the mother she never had. She runs the house with great love and rules that must be followed. She does not influence scout with prejudice-simply love.

Aunt Alexandra also takes on a motherly role, yet she thinks she is higher than many people in the town.

Miss Maudie also is a positive role model in Scout's life and talked to her often about how people were genuiune or weren't.

Mr. Raymond also influenced Scout. She saw that he lived a different life and talked to her about what was right and how people ought to live.

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