Who is Inez?

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According to the story, Inez Lane is the maid who works in Henry Pichot's large gray and white antebellum house. We first meet Inez in Chapter 3 when Grant, his aunt (Tante Lou) and Miss Emma go up to the house to speak with Henry Pichot. Miss Emma wants Henry Pichot to allow Grant to meet with her son, Jefferson, who has been sentenced to death for a murder he may not have committed. Inez is presumably in her early forties. She is neatly dressed in a white dress, white shoes, a blue gingham apron, and a handkerchief on her head when she shows the trio into the house.

Inez seems to double as both maid and cook in the Pichot household. On another occasion when Grant goes up to the Pichot plantation to speak with Sheriff Sam Guidry, Inez has cooked a 'pot roast with potatoes and carrots, onions, bell pepper, and garlic.' With the stew, Inez has also made some corn bread, mustard greens, green peas, and rice. She cooks and serves the food to the Pichot family and any guests who are present. Inez is always friendly towards Grant and never fails to offer him food and drink when she sees him.

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