Who are important people in the Revolutionary War that were patriots?

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When we are talking about the Revolutionary War, we use the term “patriots” to refer to those people who were in favor of the American colonies becoming independent.  Historians generally say that about one-third of all colonists were patriots, another third were loyal to the British government, and the final third were undecided.  Essentially all of the famous people from the Revolutionary War were important patriots.

Perhaps the most famous of the important patriots was George Washington.  He was the leader of the Continental Army.  Another famous patriot was Thomas Jefferson.  He was responsible for most of the writing of the Declaration of Independence.  Also important was Thomas Paine, who contributed mightily to the patriot cause by writing “Common Sense” in favor of independence.  Some of the patriots who became famous before the war broke out were John Adams, Samuel Adams, and James Otis.  Other famous patriots include Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Patrick Henry.  For more names, look at the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  All of those men were important patriots. 

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