Who identifies who Romeo is for Juliet at the end of the ball? act 1, how can I find character quotes?

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Nurse identifies Romeo for Juliet in Act I, scene v, lines 142-143, "His name is Romeo, and a Montague;/ The only son of your great enemy."

If you have a textbook or copy of the play, you can skim the scene you are trying to find the quote in until you find it (old-fashioned, I know), or, like the previous response, use the "Find" function to search for key words in the quote from the etext version of the play.

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At the end of the ball, it is Tybalt - Juiliet's cousin that recognizes who Romeo is.

Oh yeah, and the quotes you can just type them in on google and click search - there will be a whole list of websites for you to choose from!!


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The nurse identifies Romeo at the end of the ball.  Juliet tries to show very little interest in his identity by asking the nurse to reveal the names of other guests.  This way she felt she would not arouse any suspicions as to the reason for her question.

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