Who and how do the greedy leaders affect Kangan in Anthills of the Savannah?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The depiction of 'greedy leader' falls under the heading of Sam in this novel.  He is symbolic of so many dictator who stepped in to profit from the unrest that existed in post-colonial Africa.  Understand that when the colonizing countries left, they created a void of leadership that allowed corrupt systems to flourish.  Those with money and power used them to gain more money and power, and there was little to no consensus in the countries about how to create a good and lasting government.  Sam is a greedy leader that is not out for money, but for power.  He wants to be President-for-Life, and he wants all people to agree to this.  When the people of Abazon refuse, he refuses to provide water to the drought-stricken area, causing a physical and economical disaster in the region.

The people of Kangan suffer from tyrannical and inhumane techniques at the hands of the greedy leaders.  But more than that, they suffer from a lack of direction and justice, causing unrest and lawlessness throughout the country.