Who were Hongwu and Yonglo?    

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Zhu Yuanzhang who later became known as Emperor Hongwu was bornin 1328, in eastern China.  Due to the death of his family, at a young age, Hongwu was forced to become a Buddhist monk.  When the Mongol army of the Yuan Dynasty destroyed his monastary he vowed revenge and joined a rebel army.  After becoming the leader of the rebel army, also known as the Red Turbans, he positioned himself as leader.  He eventually gained power over the Mongols, who fled, and he became the first ruler of the Ming Dynasty.

Zhu Di, who later became known as Yongle was born in 1360.  He was the third emporer of the Ming Dynasty.  Yongle was the son of the Emperor Hongwu and one of his favorite children.  Yongle spent his youth patroling and keeping the Mogols out of his region. When his father died, and a family member was set to replace him, Yongle rebeled.  He eventually won power of the region. Yongle is best known for sponsoring ocean exploration and preserving Chinese culture.

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