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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

IN this story, Homer Barron is the man that Emily Grierson was supposed to marry (or at least that is what she thought).

Homer was a man who came from up North.  He was in town as the boss of a gang of workers who were working on the roads.  While in town, he started going out with Miss Emily.  She clearly thought that they were going to marry even though he publicly said he wasn't interested in marriage.

She appears to have killed him after he, presumably, told her they weren't getting married.

epollock | Student

Emily had been courted by Homer Barron, as is shown by the fact that the couple had been seen publicly in a carriage. It seems clear that Homer had declared his intention to leave Emily, who then poisoned him with arsenic to keep him with her. It appears that her motivation was anger. That Homer was from the North became an easy explanation for his disappearance; he had simply gone back home, and no one would expect to see him or hear from him again. This would not have been true of a man from the South, for his whereabouts might have been more easily verified if he had been part of the prevailing Southern culture of Jefferson.