Who hid the treasure map and buried the treasure in Treasure Island?

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As the accountant for the notorious Captain Flint, Billy Bones had access to the records of the pirate booty. After Bones' death, Jim Hawkins and his mother decided to open his sea chest with the intention of recovering payment due the Benbow Inn for Billy's long stay. After counting out an appropriate amount of guineas from the chest, the honest Hawkinses left the remaining coins and bar of silver in the chest--but not before grabbing a group of papers that were in the bottom of the trunk. These papers proved to be a diary of the pirates' travels--and a map. When the map was finally deciphered by Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey, they determined that it was a treasure map that led them to a site on Skeleton Island. Below a notation were the initials "J. F." We can assume that the initials stood for Captain Flint (John Flint, possibly), and he most likely buried the treasure. Only Billy Bones could have hidden the map, since it was found in his chest. 

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