Who is the hero and why?Is there a hero in TTTC?

caroleondovic | Student

Well, I don't know what TTTC refers to, but I can help you with deciding on what a hero is.  Usually, we think of a person who does something extraordinary to help someone else as a hero. the gamut runs from superheroes with special powers to a bystander who performs CPR until the paramedics arrive. Other people would say a hero is someone who simply does what needs to be done.  Many in the military look at their hero status that way.  They joined to do a  job, difficult as it may be, so that's what they do.  Part of that job is putting their life and body on the line to protect others, and they accept that.  Another way of defining who a hero is might be a person who makes a personal sacrifice for the good of another or a group. In some instances, it is not what they do, but in what they don't do.  The hero wouldn't divulge a secret that would help himself, but hurt another.  The hero wouldn't take the last cup of rice if that meant someone else doesn't eat.

If any of the characters in the work resemble these ideas, you've found your hero.  Or if one of the characters stands out as morally superior or more conscientious than the others, take another look.

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