Who is a hero in Hunters in the Snow? What example from the text show this person doing exemplary things?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hunters in the Snow, is a short story, telling the story of three friends going hunting. Kenny, Frank and Tub each have different personalities. Tub is overweight and clumsy. Kenny is your typical smart mouth and Frank just says things the way they are. All of three of them can be seen as a hero in some way, while all three of them have their faults. It is hard to figure out exactly who is the hero. 

While the three of them are hunting, Kenny gets shot by Tub. It seems to be an accident, and Frank and Tub, rush to get him to the hospital. They lay Kenny in the back of the truck and tell him to keep telling himself that he is going to the hospital. Frank and Tub stop by a bar to get warmed up and Frank tells Tub it wasn't his fault.

"Tub, Frank said. What happened back there, I should have been more sympathetic. I realize that. You were going through a lot. I just want you to know it wasn't your fault. He was asking for it."

At this point, Frank is showing that he could be the hero. He is showing real concern for Tub. He is sympathetic for what has happened. As the two men are talking, Frank admits to Tub, that he is wanting to leave his wife for a fifteen year old girl. Tub is shocked by this revelation, but shows his friendship for Frank.

"Frank, when you've got a friend it means you've always got someone on your side, no matter what. That's the way I feel about it anyway."

Tub is showing a heroic moment in his life. However, Frank and Tub, for some reason not known to the reader, do not take Kenny to the hospital. They drive in the opposite direction of the hospital. Kenny is actually the hero of the story. While the three of them are hunting, Kenny asks a farmer if the can hunt on his land. The hunter agrees, but asks Kenny if he would shoot his dog. The farmer loves the dog and can't bring himself to kill it. Kenny agrees and shoots the animal. This all leads up to Kenny being shot, himself. So in the end, Kenny is the hero, because he showed compassion for the farmer and the dog, and did what had to be done.