Who is the hero of Dr Faustus?who is the hero of dr faustus

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dr. Faustus, believe it or not, can be categorized as a hero, only he would be a Tragic Hero.

He is a hero because, as all heroes denote, they are born with unique qualities, amazing potential, immense power and a wealth of knowledge. However, a TRAGIC hero uses all these innate elements to destroy himself, and make his life miserable.

In the case of Faustus, here we have a superbly intelligent scholar with tremendous influence among the academic community. He has a talent for arts, music, everything. He has a great job, he lectures, teaches, travels...he is the epitome of the Renaissance man: One who can do it all.

Yet, he completely overrules all these great qualities and opts for aspiring to "have it all" through becoming a magician. An illusionist that could bring about anything he ever thought of...but..for what reason exactly? He didn't even know himself!

He wandered through life, and even made that ridiculous pact with the devil, also not knowing exactly why, until he finally died in fear loneliness and misery. If anyone was a winner, was the devil himself.  Faustus was also victorious: Victorious in ending his quest of destroying his life.

Hence, here we have the typical tragic hero tale of a man too big for himself, and too smart for any capacity of common sense.