Who is the head of each department of the Cabinet of the United States?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Cabinet of the United States consists of senior officers who are the heads of the federal executive departments. The following are the different Cabinet names and holders of the Cabinet position.

Department of State- Secretary of State- Hillary Clinton

Department of the Treasury- Secretary of the Treasury-Timothy Geithner

Department of Defense- Secretary of Defense- Leon Panetta

Department of Justice- Attorney General- Eric Holder

Department of the Interior- Secretary of the Interior- Ken Salazar

Department of Agriculture- Secretary of Agriculture- Tom Vilsack

Department of Commerce- Secretary of Commerce- John Bryson

Department of Labor- Secetary of Labor- Hilda Solis

Department of Health and Human Services- Secretary of Health and Human Services- Kathleen Sebelius

Department of Housing and Urban Development- Secetary of Housing and Urban Development- Shaun Donovan

Department of Transportation- Secretary of Transportation- Ray LaHood

Department of Energy- Secretary of Energy- Steven Chu

Department of Education- Secretary of Education- Arne Duncan

Department of Veterans Affairs- Secretary of Veterans Affairs- Eric Shinseki

Department of Homeland Security- Secretary of Homeland Security- Janet Napolitano