Who is Haydee, the lady he finds love with in the end in The Count of Monte Cristo?

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The Count of Monte Cristo purchases Haydee from a slave trader.  She is  a princess and was the daughter of Ali Pasha.  Her father was betrayed by the Count de Morcef.  The Count was supposed to be a loyal friend of her father's, but he sold him to his enemies.  Morcef was able to infiltrate her father's compound.  Haydee and her mother were taken captive after her father was killed.  The Count of Monte Cristo bought her at a market and raised her in the luxury she was born to deserve.  He was kind and caring towards her.  One night at the Opera, Haydee sees de Morcef and is very upset.  Later she testifies at his trial and secures his conviction.  After the downfall of de Morcef's family, The Count of Monte Cristo and Haydee finally admit their feelings for one another.

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