The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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Who is Hassan in The Kite Runner?

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Gretchen Mussey eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Hassan is Amir's Hazara half-brother and childhood friend in the story. Growing up, Hassan was Amir's best friend and the two boys spend every waking hour playing together on Baba's estate and in the streets of Kabul. Hassan was also the best kite runner in the entire city and protected Amir from Assef as a boy. Despite their close friendship, Amir was jealous of Hassan because Baba showed him more affection. Amir also refused to openly acknowledge their friendship because of Hassan's second-class ethnicity. As a Hazara, Hassan and his father were discriminated against and lived in poverty as ethnic minorities in Kabul. Following the kite-fighting tournament, Amir witnessed Assef rape Hassan and did not intervene. After Hassan is raped by Assef, Amir becomes overwhelmed with guilt and their friendship is destroyed. As an adult, Amir atones for his past sins of passively witnessing Hassan get raped and redeems himself by traveling to Kabul to save Hassan's son, Sohrab. Amir is also disheartened to learn from Rahim Khan that Hassan was murdered in the streets by Taliban soldiers and his son was sent to an orphanage. Amir also discovers that Hassan was his half-brother and ends up adopting Sohrab after bringing him to America.

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cburr eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Hassan is a critical figure in The Kite Runner.  A poor boy, he is the best kite runner in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has grown up with the story’s wealthy protagonist, Amir.  Hassan and Amir are best friends despite the fact that Hassan is Amir’s servant.  The relationships between these two are key threads of the story’s plot.  One betrays the other, and we also learn that they are related by blood.  I won’t spoil the story by telling you how.  I do hope you will actually read this book, as it is wonderful!!

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tariqqqq | Student

A poor Hazarra boy. He was known as the best The Kite Runner in Kabul. He is half-brothers with Amir. He got raped  by Assef because he is Hazarra