Who is Hannah?

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In Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Hannah Tupper is an old, kind-hearted widow, who is outlawed by the Puritan society. She lives alone in a small house located near the edge of the Blackbird Pond, after the death of her husband Thomas Tupper. Hannah is an extremely polite, warm, welcoming and gentle lady. She supports and consoles an orphan girl Katherine/Kit Tyler (the protagonist of the novel) when she’s heartbroken and down in the dumps. In fact, both of them become very close friends after that. Hannah is misunderstood, disliked and mistreated by the Puritan settlers because she is a Quaker woman. She lives a life of an outcaste only because she has a different faith and does not attend Puritan meetings. She is even accused of witchcraft by the Puritan settlers.