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Hannah is a young Jewish girl who gets magically transported back to the Holocaust during a Seder celebration.

Hannah, the young protagonist of The Devil’s Arithmetic, is bored with her Jewish family’s remembering.  It seems like all her family ever does is get together and remember.  She doesn’t understand why.  Yet somehow, she travels through time to World War II.  Here she becomes Chaya, the woman she was named after.

"But there was something old-fashioned and unfamiliar about this Chaya Abramowicz, something haunting, like one of the old photographs on Grandma Belle's grand piano" (Ch 6, p. 44.)

It does not take Hannah long to figure out she ended up right smack in the middle of the Holocaust.  She is transported to a concentration camp, where she learns what life was really like, how many people died, how brave everyone was, and why it is so important for her family to remember.

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