In To Kill a Mockingbird, who are the guests in the Finch home and why did they gather there?

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Toward the end of the novel, Aunt Alexandra hosts a meeting of the women's missionary society group that she belongs to.  This is where the women of Maycomb gather to discuss how to save the people of a tribe of un-Christian Africans, even as they engage in very un-Christian like conversations about the people in their small town.  Miss Maudie in particular notes the hypocrisy of the women who indirectly criticize Atticus for defending Tom Robinson even as they sit in his home eating his food.

 At the final meeting of the novel, the reader sees how much Scout has changed throughout the book. She had typically hated anything Aunt Alexandra tried to teach her, including socializing with the ladies of the missionary society. By the end of the novel, though, Scout is behaving more like a Southern lady, and is able to emulate Aunt Alexandra, remaining a calm hostess even after receiving the devastating news that Tom Robinson had died trying to escape from jail. 

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