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Griffin is the invisible man of the title. He's a brilliant chemistry student with an unhealthy obsession for the stranger aspects of science. In true mad scientist style, while conducting an experiment in his laboratory one day, he accidentally discovers chemicals that will make living tissue invisible. Griffin is highly excited by this astonishing discovery, as we might expect. He tries the chemicals on himself, and gradually he begins to disappear.

Unfortunately, the process is irreversible, and Griffin finds it increasingly hard to function on a daily basis. Being invisible might seem like a lot of fun at first, but the practical problems it entails are just too great to deal with. Griffin progressively becomes more and more isolated from society. And with this growing isolation comes a murderous derangement. Griffin comes to see his scientific breakthrough, not as a means for improving the lot of humanity, but as an opportunity to gain his revenge on a society he utterly despises. He plans to abuse the gift of invisibility to carry out murder and mayhem on a massive scale.

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