Who is Gregory Miller in "The Blackboard Jungle" ? Discuss the charactor of Gregory Miller.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gregory Miller is a student in Rick Dadier's toughest English class.  Miller is intelligent and articulate, and Dadier recognizes immediately that he must have him on his side if he is going to be able to control the class.  Miller is also aware of the power he has over the others, and, accustomed to taking the path of least resistence, uses his influence to undermine Dadier's authority in the context of the classroom.

Dadier gets to see another side of his recalcitrant student when he directs the school Christmas play.  Miller shows himself to be a creative innovator and an adept leader in molding his "band of angels" into a cohesive and entertaining group.  He also allows Dadier insight into his character one night when the two stay late at school to finish up some props.  Miller aspires to be a mechanic, and when questioned why he doesn't aim higher, he reveals his belief that there are no better opportunities available to him as a poor black male.  Miller feels that he is learning nothing at North Manual Trades High School, and doubts that he will even be able to develop the skills to be a good mechanic.

Dadier had always said that if he could find "just one kid (to whom) he could point to and say, 'I showed him the way'", his teaching experience would be worth it.  Although his progress is inconsistent and illusory, by the end of the book Dadier acknowledges with satisfaction that that kid is Gregory Miller.


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