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In the story, The Metamorphosis by Kafka, Gregor appears as the main character. Although Gregor becomes a bug, he is human first. As the story progresses, the readers learn about his life, transformation, and even his thoughts.

When first reading the book, Gregor appears as the first character mentioned. The readers quickly learn about his life, including information about his family and his job.

As the book progresses, the readers discover more about his life before and after the transformation into a bug. Although he was initially a human, he eventually (and mysteriously) became a bug. He responds by going through a period of seeming not to care or possibly even denial about the transformation. However, he must soon face the repercussions of this change.

Furthermore, the readers personally learn about Gregor’s thoughts. Although Gregor is a bug for the story’s entirety, the readers still discover insight about his thought processes and emotions. With this, the readers see how he feels about his family, his job, and even himself.

Thus, Gregor is a pivotal character in The Metamorphosis. Although there are other characters in this story as well, the story focuses on his life, thoughts, and transformation. His feelings and changes make his character fascinating and even personable, despite his outward appearance.

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