Who is Granny Straker in Beka Lamb?  Who said, "Toycie's first trouble caught me too"?In what chapter and on what page was this said?  

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This quote was uttered by Granny Ivy, not Granny Straker. Granny Ivy is Beka's grandmother on her father's side. Granny Ivy lives with Beka and her family. Granny Ivy utters this quote in chapter 26, at the end of the novel. She alluded to it earlier when she and Beka were visiting Toycie in the Belize Mental Hospital. At that time, she said that just because one lost one's virginity and was not married was no reason to "degrade yourself." Later, in chapter 16, we find out why she said this. "Toycie's first trouble" refers to Toycie's pregnancy. Granny Ivy also became pregnant out of wedlock. It destroyed her dream to work as a trainer of circus animals but it did not destroy her life as it did Toycie's.

Also, Granny Straker was Beka's greatgrandmother on her mother's side. She dies in the novel and Beka attends her wake.

pjbabygirl | Student

granny straker is beka's great grandmother on her mother's side.