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Who governed the northern New England colonies?

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The northern New England colonies were governed by independent charter governments crafted after the system of government established in the royal charters. Colonists in New England had left their homes to create a society where they could freely practice their religion. These colonists would establish Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Pilgrims created charters to establish law and the formal rules of society. The New England colonies would establish the first democratic governments in the US. While the English monarch ruled the New England colonies, each colony established a government made up of a governor, courts, a governor's council, and deputies. Colonial governments were British-ruled. Governors led the colonies along with the governor's council. Both answered to the English crown. The governor's council served as the supreme court for the colony, while a justice of the peace presided over local courts. Deputies were responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the orders of the governor.

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