Who gets accused in the Salem witch trials at first?

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The first person to be accused, albeit unofficially, is Tituba, Reverend Parris's Barbadian slave who conjured spirits with the girls in the woods at Mrs. Putnam's request on the night before the play begins.  When Abigail feels that Reverend Hale is cornering her, is suspicious of her, she immediately turns on the one person who she knows she can scapegoat: Tituba.  Abigail says, "She made me do it!  She made Betty do it!  [....] She makes me drink blood!"  This effectively turns the attention away from her and onto the slave.

The first "official" accusation, made by Tituba at the end of Act One, is Sarah Good and then, immediately following, Goody Osburn.  When Parris threatens to beat her and Putnam wants to hang her, Hale speaks to her gently and kindly, telling her that God has a special purpose for her.  He clearly wants a confession, and so she gives him one.  She accuses Good and Osburn, and Abigail immediately confirms that she too has seen them as well as Bridget Bishop with the Devil.  The girls, together, accuse eight more people by the time Act One ends. 

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