Who is Gaspar in The Book of the Courtier?  

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gaspar, in The Book of the Courtiers, is one of the courtiers under the Duke of Urbino (who serves with Castiglione). This specific courtier was well spoken in the art of women and love. One important thing to remember about Gaspar is the fact that he recognized that his opinion is his opinion and that he did not force it upon others. Instead, he simply offered advice which he was very humble about.

Gaspar found it of the utmost importance to place one at the feet of a woman, deem her worthy to obey, and give them the authority over the lives of the men who raised them up.

Gaspar also recognized the fact that all men should adore and respect their woman ("they alwayes agree in that everye man counteth most deere the wight beloved"). That being said, Gaspar was a gentleman and one whom others looked up to regarding how to treat a woman.