Who gained leadership of the animals? Why? Also, please describe the animals' flag.

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Snowball is the Leader until Napoleon usurps his power. Overall the pigs are the leaders of the animals, in the beginning because they could read and write, and also because it was old major , the...

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All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others." This most famous quote from the Orwell?s Animal Farm encompasses not the philosophy of the author, but the philosophy Orwell was reacting against in his contemporary political history, and attempting to both satirize and come to terms with as a former socialist. Orwell?s novel Animal Farm chronicles the overthrowing of a common farm of its human leadership by a colony of diverse animals. However, these animals as led by the pigs Snowball and Napoleon, merely replicate the tyranny imposed upon them by the overthrown farmer, by oppressing the other animals. The farm begins founded upon the written philosophy that ?All animals are created equal.? (Orwell, 1945) However, it ends with the written philosophy that ?All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others,?

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"Hiero, Machiavelli says, was a man suited to being king, and a man whose ability to assess a situation and make decisions was in part how he created opportunity to for himself. Hiero was pursued by the citizens of Syracuse, who were oppressed, and saw in Hiero the ability of a man who could face the challenge of their oppressors, and bring together the army of Syracuse as an army that would fight and bring about the needed changes for the citizens of Syracuse. They measured Hiero accurately, and Machiavelli says that Hiero won the loyalty of the army, and, as the citizens rightly saw in Hiero's character, Hiero was a man who won the loyalty of the army."

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The pigs. Including Squealer and Napoleon, they had an overwhelming control over the whole farm and in this totalitarian regime, the animals have no say or right over the farm issues. Everything is controlled by the pigs, include food rations.

They have used propaganda to brainwash all the animals to submission and obedience. They have suppress any free speech and any opposition to their rule. This type of outright lies can be compared Goebbels, Paul Joseph, Hilter's Minister of Propaganda whose principle was " The bigger the lies, the more it is believed"

At first, it was the good-hearted and courageous Snowball who was the real leader of Animal Farm, who gave everything to the farm and provide them with futuristic ideas and natural advantages that may benefit the farm, but through character assassination deployed by Napoleon, he was chased by the dogs. Then he blantantly took control over the whole farm and use his might and power to force the animals to submit to his "black magic".

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initially the leader ship is shared between snowball and napoleon however snowball made 80% of the descicions. Napoleon was just waitng for the right time to strike and take leader ship of the animals. When he caught snowball off guard he took leader ship by force and animals looked up to him as a leader through fear more than anything. So by the end of the book napoleon is the clear leader and all animals agree with what he says and does without argument.

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Snowball is the first leader but eventually Napolean becomes th leader. He basically gained leadership by twisting the ideals of the group to get rid of his rivals such as Snowball, who gets chased away.

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