Who is Frankenstien and why is he kiilled?

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Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant young man, raised in a loving family, who goes off to university. There, his chemistry professors encourage him in his quest to discover the physical secrets of life. In his desire to make something of himself in the world of science, he collects body parts and eventually succeeds in creating a being. When the being comes to life, it is hideous and Frankenstein flees in fear for what he has done. The monster also flees and throughout the course of the novel, tries to find out who and what he is. He learns that he is frightful and everyone is afraid of him because he is ugly and huge. He suffers greatly over the way people treat him and he finally asks Frankenstein to create a companion for him, so he is not lonely.

In order to get Frankenstein's attention, the monster sets out killing his friends and family members. The monster tries to convince Frankenstein to create his companion, and when he refuses again, the monster kills Frankenstein's best friend, Clerval, and his wife, Elizabeth. Frankenstein decides that he must pursue the monster himself and kill it, and he chases the monster all over the world, finally winding up almost frozen to death in the arctic, where he is saved by Walton and his men. Walton is on another fruitless quest that is endangering the lives of people, just like Frankenstein. Frankenstein fails to kill the monster, however, and eventually dies on board Walton's ship from madness, grief and overall poor health from having to pursue the monster all over the globe.

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