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Who is the founder of psychology?

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Wilhelm Wundt is traditionally considered to be the father of modern psychology. Prior to Wundt, psychology was understood to be a branch of philosophy. Questions about the nature of mind had been considered as purely philosophical inquiries. There are numerous theories of mind, dating back to ancient Egypt and earlier.

Wundt was the first person to apply an experimental method to questions of mind. He believed that he could discover something about the workings of the mind not by logical deduction or philosophical musing, but by placing people in a controlled laboratory setting and observing their behavior. Wundt used specific protocols when studying his subjects, and even created special lab equipment (timers, motion sensors, etc.) to capture psychological data. 

Wundt founded the first graduate psychology program in 1879 at the University of Leipzig in Germany. There, he taught the first cadre of graduate students the unique methods and protocols of experimental psychology. 

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